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Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

Raiffeisen Asset Management
(Bulgaria) EAD

Street "Gogol" 18-20, Sofia 1504

Phone : 02/91 985 626
02/91 985 458
02/91 985 467
02/91 985 638
0700 10 000 (VIVACOM)
1721 (MTel and Globul)
Fax : 02/943 33 65

Funds of RCM (Vienna)


Raiffeisen Capital Management

Austrian Market Leader and an Active Europe-based Player in Investment Funds

Satellite1Raiffeisen Capital Management (RCM) was founded in 1985 in Vienna. It employs more than 320 people and has approximately  EUR 40bn assets under management, allocated in more than 300 funds. RCM is the asset manager for the Austrian Raiffeisen banking group and has been the market leader on the Austrian fund market for the last 16 years with a market share of 22%.

In 1996 RCM focused on a core satellite strategy. Core competences are in Eastern European investments, in the fields of both equities and bonds, classic fixed income products, Austrian equities and global asset allocation. Since 1996 management of global and regional equities is subcontracted to Capital International and from 2001 global sector funds are managed by Wellington Management.

SatellitePerformance Quality
Standard & Poor’s awarded Raiffeisen securities funds its best rating of AAA four times in 2002, a score reserved for truly outstanding investment funds. These top ratings were confirmed in the years thereafter. In 2004, Raiffeisen-Euro-Bonds garnered a triple A, the first Euro bond fund issued by an Austrian investment company to be so honoured.  These high ratings indicate the ability of a company to repeat past performances in the future and put Raiffeisen Capital Management in a league with Europe’s best asset management companies.

International Sales

International investment has become a mainstay of successful business at RCM in recent years. As an asset manager, the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Austria today manages 12 percent (EUR 5 bn) of its portfolio for international clients. Foreign clients now account for two-thirds of new volume inflows.

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Funds of RAM Bulgaria
for date : 21-07-2014
NAV per unit
Protected Investment in Euro Fund 1.1827
Liquidity Fund 1.4767
Bond Fund 1.3525
Global Growth Fund 1.1756
Total NAV
Protected Investment in Euro Fund
43 862 677.97
Liquidity Fund
150 210 495.06
Bond Fund
715 367.57
Global Growth Fund
9 809 011.90
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